22 July 2013


Well, not really, but it has been over a year since my last post.. How shocking is that?!

If you haven't already noticed I've completely revamped the appearance of my blog - my old layout didn't reflect me at all. The new one is clean, minimalistic and plain. Just how I like it!

I'm on a mission to start using my blog as much as I had originally planned. I will be posting the products I used in my tutorials on here instead of the description of my videos. This may annoy some, but it drives people to come check out my blog.

I'm aiming to do product reviews, outfit posts, swatches, hauls etc. It's going to take some encouragement from you guys to ensure I stick to it, but I have faith! ;)

Apologies for severely neglecting my blog - but here's to starting fresh!

Lauren x

03 June 2012

NYX Lipgloss swatches

Long time no speak post!
Here are a whole lot of NYX lipgloss swatches for you :)
To get an idea of what the colour will look like from further away, try to 'blur' your eyes - I have a lot of lines on my lips so close up photos are not very forgiving!
I am also around NC30/NC35 or MUFE 140 if you want to compare your skin tone to mine.


NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss
(Lighting for photo directly below is 100% accurate)
L-R: clear, sugar pie, crystal soda, sweet heart, smokey look, nude pink, nude peach, candy shop, la-la-, dolly pink

sugar pie
crystal soda
sweet heart

smokey look
nude pink (favourite)
nude peach (favourite)
candy shop
dolly pink

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream
(These are AMAZING - like liquid lipstick - but smell bad)

L-R: dolly girl, spicy, bonfire, nude peach fuzz, natural

dolly girl
nude peach fuzz (best name haha)


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
(Nice finish after being freshly applied but very drying after a while)

L-R: antwerp, tokyo


NYX Girls Gloss
(Wouldn't repurchase as I never wear them - feels like kiddie makeup)
L-R: sorbet, whipped, peach


Hope this helped! 

02 December 2011

Milani, Jordana & American Eyedol swatches

Hello lovelies!
I recently purchased a whole lot of makeup from BeautyJoint.com. The brands included:

  • Milani
  • Jordana
  • American Eyedol
I uploaded a haul video on my YouTube channel, and this is the accompanying blog post with swatches!
So let's get into it :)

Powder Eye Shadow: $1.99
Powder Blush: $2.99 

The powder eyeshadows are fanastic! SO cheap and so highly pigmented. Some are a lot creamier than others, for example the matte shadows are a lot smoother than the glittery ones (that's to be expected though). The shadow 'STORM' (sparkly black) is VERY dark but very very grainy.. almost to the point where if you tap it upside down little chunks of eyeshadow will fall out. 
My only dislike about this brand is the packaging. They are SO hard to open. I cut my finger trying to open the blush (excuse tacky nail polish!)..

Color Effects Powder Eyeshadow Single: $1.75
Loose Eye Shadow: $1.75
Powder Blush: $1.99

09 Brownie / 10 Bronze Medal / 12 Go 4 Gold

Another success! Even cheaper than Milani and just as good quality. All of the shadows and blushes were super smooth and the loose eye shadows were super pigmented and glided on effortlessly. These ones were especially sparkly in the sun but I couldn't capture it very well with my camera. I much prefer the packaging of these to the Milani ones as well. 

American Eyedol
KLEANCOLOR Wet/Dry Baked Eyeshadow: $1.75

swatched in the order below, not the 2nd and 3rd photos

dry swatch / wet swatch 

These are also great eyeshadows.  Not creamy at all (which I don't like), but that's to be expected from a baked eyeshadow. The colour is noticeably more pigmented when it is applied wet than when it's applied dry, but it's still got a great colour pay-off when it's applied dry. They're very sparkly and glittery which also appeals to me. The packaging is very cheap looking but that's to be expected from an eyeshadow that costs $1.75! 

I hope you guys enjoyed my first proper blog post! Let me know via Twitter / my YouTube channel what you thought of it :)